If you have a special lady who has a wedding coming up you may be wondering what would be the perfect gift to get her. Wonder no more. Here are some great gift ideas for the bride to be.

Before the Wedding

Before the wedding can be a great time to give a gift. It can not only help the bride with much needed wedding prep, but will make your gift and your thoughtfulness stand out among the rest.

Some ideas are to get supplies that she can use for the wedding or bridal shower. You could get her a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant for some couple time before the craziness begins, a massage certificate to help her relax away the pre-wedding stress, or a manicure certificate she can use for the big day. You could get her a variety of bridal gift boxes as well. Gift boxes make a fun and elegant gift and can be centered around relaxation, vacation, the bachelorette party, and more.

At the Wedding

If your bride is hard to shop for there are still some unique gift giving opportunities to be seized.

If the bride is moving you could give house warming gifts like a cookbook, a comfy throw blanket, or a new kitchen appliance they might need. You could think outside the box, literally, and give her a monthly subscription service, like a floral bouquet, fresh fruit, or any other niche items she enjoys. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. If all else fails a gift card, or cash is always a good idea. Something monogrammed with her new initials is another fun and sentimental gift idea.  

After the Wedding

Giving the bride something she can use after the wedding is another way to stay thoughtful. Some examples are new luggage sets, or gift certificates for the honeymoon destination. You could do a travel themed basket that fits her honeymoon with snacks, sunglasses, SPF lotion, and other goodies included.

After the wedding the bride will need to detox, reflect, and relax. You can get her a spa certificate, or a few relaxation themed bridal gift boxes. A journal with a keepsake box is a great way for her to record her thoughts of the day, and keep all of the mementos from the wedding nearby. A gift certificate for websites like Vistaprint or Shutterfly will give her the option to personalize cups, canvas prints, pillows, and whatever else she wants with some of the best pictures from the wedding. Whatever you choose to get the bride she will feel as special as she does on her big day because you took the time to think of her.

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