As America rediscovers its heritage cooking history and melds it with entrepreneurial technology, there are some delightful outcomes, among them the stainless steel wood burning grill. Read more here about equipping your restaurant (or possibly that dream outdoor kitchen) with this important tool.

Some History

Grilling and barbecue have a rich and mostly regional history, starting with immigrants (European, Mexican, African), merging with Native American and “Cowboy” influences, becoming more fashionable with the popularity of southwestern cuisine, the reemergence of the steakhouse, and then broadening from the influences of things like Brazilian steakhouses, Mediterranean seafood preparation, and so on. While barbecue is “low-and-slow” cooking, grilling is generally hot and fast, lending itself to flavor-inducing elements like spices and a variety of woods.

The Important Elements

Selecting the right grill for the job begins with finding the right combination of function, quality, and price, and the ability to cook at upwards of 1800 degrees. Stainless steel wood burning grills need to be made strong and durable, which usually requires a heavy gauge stainless steel exterior and body and cast iron grates. There needs to be easy access to the fire box, and the ability to conveniently handle the ashes from the fire. It should also have the kind of construction that keeps the heat in and is still cool to the touch on the outside.

Additional Considerations

Given the costs involved, additional things to think about include:

  • Warranties, and maintenance requirements
  • Accessories if required
  • Ease of installation and movement (is it on casters, for example?)

Finally, do not neglect talking to the key players at the company and getting references and hopefully some customers to contact, time frames for deliveries, and payment options, if any.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to bring the capability of a wood burning grill into a restaurant is making a statement to your customers, and likely will create new ones. To a certain extent it will raise expectations, indicating that the forthcoming meal will be handled by capable chefs using classic techniques and likely signature combinations of wood and spices. It should also provide more avenues of creative expression and opportunities to exploit the unique characteristics grilling can bring to the table. Few things are more eye opening than having something grilled for the first time. Even a humble onion is elevated, so get yourself a stainless steel wood burning grill and start some serious grilling.

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