Every garage needs a tire changer, which is one of the most essential equipment. These machines can help in performing one of the most common tasks very easily and quickly, and you can change the tires of any vehicle regularly that can save your time and effort. No doubt, no workshop should be without any high-quality tire changer, however choosing the right tire changer for your needs can also be an important step to make sure that you get the kind of performance you expect.

Just go through the various types of tire changing machines available. In this article, we shall try to help you to pick the best from any used tire changer and balancer combo for sale for any garage.

Swing Arm

In order to handle the various toughest tires available in the market, they can be a popular choice as they are quite easy to use as well as affordable too. These machines use 4 tabletop-jaws with a completely adjustable tabletop that provides a wide clamping range and helps eliminating any potential mistakes. One drawback of this design can be that you may have to unscrew its head to fit in different sized tires and hence they may need a little more amount of time than any other option. Due to their versatility and also intuitive operation, they can be a great option for any large shops, which can handle a very big work load.

Tilt Back

Any biggest alternate of swing arm design for tilt-back tire changers will operate with an arrangement of tower to tilt back for fitting any larger tires, thereafter moving back into its place. They offer a faster operation which is more practical to use against any swing arm options but they are little more expensive. As, they do not require to use any adjustable bases or attachments, they are more safe and intuitive options, so that you are assured about quality work always. This will be a great option for any new shops with less experienced mechanics for increasing safety and also minimizing operator fatigue.

Lever less

These machines can lift and also set up any heavy tires of their own, and hence called with the name “touchless” type of tire changers. They may easily operate on lot of wheels, where the operator will not require to bend down. However, it may need a bit more training about its use, and they are best suitable for high-skilled professional shops.


This is the most affordable option, which are used by any operator for working on any tire with the precision and power that they need for getting the job done. As compared to other more automatic choices, this manual method need lot more effort, which makes it poor choice for any shops that have lots of traffic volume. For any smaller garages and new workshops, they can be the great choice for obtaining the necessary performance to complete the job without spending any higher price.

With this buying guide it can help you to decide the right type of tire changer which can be the right solution while opening your repair shop.

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