Finding a reliable company for domain hosting is a big part of maintaining a web site that gets a lot of traffic and thus, generates significant revenue. Much of the website’s success, however, depends on the domain name you choose and unfortunately, there are several common mistakes website owners make that reduce the effectiveness of the name and thus traffic. Here is a brief list of those mistakes.

They Make it Too Complex

A domain name is essentially a marketing tool. The simpler you make it the greater the chances your potential audience will quickly grasp it and perform an action, in this case, visit your site. The more complex your name is, the greater the potential for errors to be made typing it. Your domain name should reflect what you do or are selling, but should not be so complex people cannot easily remember. When choosing your name, remember that on average, people have to see or hear something seven times in a short period of time for it to stick in their memory.

They are Too Clever

One tendency a lot of marketing personnel and website owners tend to have is to attempt at being clever with their hosting domain name. In some cases, this works; Nestseekers, a high-end real estate broker is one example. The use of “nest” insinuates the customer is looking for a place to make a home. A case of a name that is too clever would be “,” which stands for North Boston Jewish Singles, unless you are like the vast majority of the public that read that domain name and did a doubletake.

They Use Confusing Terms

It is one of the few things in life that is almost universal: Numbers in domain names confuse people. They do not know if “Newsat6” is spelled out or a numeral. It is an unnecessary level of decision making that you want to help your website visitors avoid having to make.

Another mistake is to use slang. What makes perfect sense to you may not make any sense at all to an end user from another generation, geographic location, cultural or social status. For example, consider the word “lit.” It means different things to different age groups. To someone from the World War II generation, it meant “ illuminated.” To most Baby Boomers, it means “ignited.” To Generation X, it means someone was drunk. To today’s kids, it means “awesome.” Using Lit in a domain name will only cause confusion you want to avoid.

When setting up your website, a finding a reliable domain hosting company is vital, but just as important is the name you choose to use. Avoid these mistakes to help ensure those who need to see your web site can get there easily.

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