If you’ve recently launched into the world of solar energy, you may not be familiar with the full range of options available to you. The solar industry has grown tremendously with an increased focus on alternative energy sources. There are even products available that can allow the use of 3 phase power from solar sources.

Quality 3 phase solar inverters take the direct current electrical energy from solar panels, convert it into alternating current electricity, and make it available for use as a 3 phase supply. Most homes have a single-phase power supply, meaning there’s 1 live wire tying the home’s electrical system to the grid. With a 3 phase supply, there are 3 wires coming in. That provides the ability to pull additional power from the grid and is important for appliances that draw large loads like a large HVAC unit or electrical car charger. If you want to use 3 phase power alongside your solar array, investigate 3 phase solar converters. Read on to learn a few of the benefits they can offer.

Reduces Need for Microinverters

If you have a 3 phase power system but don’t have a 3 phase solar inverter, you can still use power from your solar array. It just won’t be as efficient, and you may not reap all the benefits of a 3 phase power source. You can use microinverters on individual solar panels, but that complicated things needlessly and creates multiple potential failure points. A single 3 phase solar inverter can help you meet all your needs in one easy to manage package.

Give More Energy Back

The grid is a two-way street when it comes to solar power. Not only can you draw from the grid if necessary, but energy generated through your panels can be sent back into the grid. A 3 phase solar inverter gives you the ability to get your energy more easily back out onto the grid. Obviously, 3 live wires give you 3 times as much capacity.

Helps Manage Voltage Rise

With solar power systems that are connected to the grid, voltage rise can be a problem. Most solar power inverters have a threshold for elevated voltage and will trip when those limits are exceeded. If you already have a 3 phase system in your house, voltage rise can be a problem because there is more opportunity for voltage to enter your system. A 3 phase power inverter can help you better manage that and avoid the negative effects of voltage rise.

If you have a solar energy system and are interested in 3 phase power, 3 phase solar inverters are a worthwhile investment. They can help diversify your power system and give you the ability to efficiently use 3 phase power for some of your heavy draw appliances.

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