Most important environment that is needed in any aquarium is water, which should never be overlooked if you want to maintain the life of fish. We humans may be able to survive in pollution however fish cannot survive long, if the water turns too toxic. Following are few factors that help maintain a healthy aquarium.

  1. Ammonia poisoning

Ammonia poisoning can occur when the aquarium is just set up however it also can happen in any old aquarium. If many numbers of new fishes are added then too it can happen. Also, if the fish tank filter ever fails or bacteria suddenly die in many numbers due to medication, this can happen. If there are sudden deaths of fish then this can be one reason.

2. Aquarium algae

There can always be an algae formation, however if it is in excessive quantity then it can become hazardous for fish as well as plants. If algae become a regularly occurring problem, then you may consider introducing algae eating fish.

3Aquarium water testing

There are many numbers of ways the water can be tested however in normal condition it is not necessary. If you are regularly facing different problems in the aquarium then there are many different water testing methods available which may be tried.

4. Cloudy water

There can be a number of reasons due to which there can be cloud formation within the water of the aquarium. Depending upon the identified reasons there are solutions available that need to be implemented in order to get rid of the cloud.

5. Effect of rock in water chemistry

Rocks can also change the chemistry of the water in a number of ways. Sometimes it may be difficult to establish the kind of effect the rocks have. However, experts can always give you advice about what kind of rocks are safe.

6. Massive water changes

If you suddenly make drastic changes in water then it can kill the fish in aquarium. When you suddenly change the water then the water temperature, chemical composition and its pH value may get changed, which can also affect the bacteria population. Though water need to be changed periodically however there are safer methods available for that.

7Nitrite poisoning

Nitrite poisoning is very much related to ammonia poisoning. After you lose few fish due to ammonia poisoning, nitrite will also rise and as a result more fish may die.

8. Nitrogen cycle

One has to learn about nitrogen cycle and also how to cope up with it, as this can happen with both new as well as old aquarium. Failure to know this can be cause of losing many fish.

9. Phosphates in aquarium

Phosphate levels need to be maintained otherwise it will result in algae growth which can be harmful for your fish. One has to learn the reason and how to regulate them.

10. pH value of water

pH value tells whether the water is acidic or alkaline. Different fishes live in different conditions. Therefore, you need to know about pH value for the type of fish you want in your aquarium.

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