Just the thought of getting waxed is scary because it is associated with horrible pain. Not only teenagers but even women in their thirties find it hard to handle the torture to just have flawless skin. Shaving is painless but unfortunately, they can cause ingrown hair, infection, and double hair density. Below are some tips to get smooth wax but with less torture.

Choose right professional

Right specialists know right waxing techniques, so make sure to visit a good salon. The therapist needs to specialize in waxing and be experienced in reducing their client’s discomfort. In addition, offer consistently good treatment each time in a friendly way. Ask friends and family, who are a trusted source or check the websites online presence.

Visit https://www.waxcenter.com/ma-westford to read what customers say about their services. You can even go to the place to see how clean the surrounding is and get an idea of how the staff there handles hygiene.

Before waxing

  • Before you visit the salon for waxing have a nice warm shower. This helps to soften hair and open the pores. It helps to alleviate the waxing pain.
  • Give a scrubbing in advance because this will help to eliminate dead skin around hair follicles. This exfoliating process will offer smooth waxing session.
  • If you are getting waxed for the first them or are aware that your body gets achy and sore then take an OTC anti-inflammatory drug half an hour prior the appointment to experience less pain.
  • Give your body a stretch out before hair-removing session, just try it!
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine because this can make your skin more sensitive.
  • Drink plenty of water, so that hair pores can open decreasing the discomfort.
  • Decide to wax only when body hair grows maximum quarter an inch and is not small and prickly since this can cause lot of agony.
  • If hair is long then trim it or else the hair will not be removed from the root and ingrown hair will develop.
  • Try to apply numbing creams prior the session, it desensitizes the skin.

During waxing

  • Never apply heated wax to your skin, allow it to cool first!
  • Begin with ankles and do it in strips. Spreading wax over more area will make wax harden and it will be extremely painful to strip hair from root.
  • If it is first time waxing then apply cold-compress to numb area or rose water toner to experience less pain.
  • Aloe Vera gel can be gouged from the stem and kept in the fridge overnight. You can apply these natural coolants directly in skin the moment the wax is ripped off. It will soothe irritation caused in a natural way.

Post waxing maintenance

  • Hydrate and moisturize the skin with Aloe Vera gel. Drink lots of water, so that skin stays cool and hydrated.
  • You can take painkillers and feel relief in an hour.
  • Avoid going out in the sun for around 24 hours after waxing. Make sure to apply SPF lotion to waxed zones and cover them up to avoid sunburns.
  • For a couple of days avoid steam, tan, swim or engage in libido after bikini waxing because the area has become very sensitive. Give skin time to recover and heal or else you can experience skin irritations like white or red bumps.
  • Avoid in-between shaving because hair grows thick and long, which can make your next waxing session more agonizing.

Pain-free waxing is impossible but pain can be reduced with the above tips!

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