Is your office feeling drab? If so, this can have terrible effects on your business, not just for you, but for your customers. They may perceive your business as dull, unnecessary, or even in bad financial shape. Worse, your employees may be less inspired and motivated if their office environment doesn’t make them happy.

Thankfully, commercial repaints in Atlanta make a world of difference. Painting your workspace can bring new life, energy, and personality to your business. Here are some of the top colors that professional painters recommend.

Navy Blue

A popular color for commercial and residential painting this year, navy blue is a smart color that offers dark contrast, without being all the way black. It’s interesting, youthful, and has sophistication that’s important for maintaining a professional appearance at work.

Light Gray

Professional and smart, light gray has a young personality and happens to match with virtually everything. Why is light gray specifically such a great choice for offices? Dark gray can feel moody and sour, and average, medium gray can feel too serious and lacks personality. Light gray inspires creativity and intelligent conversation.


If your employees and customers need a burst of energy, try yellow. This lively color has been shown to awaken the mind and stimulate the senses. Yellow offices will have a cool, modern vibe that’s important if you want to show your customers that you’re working on the cutting edge. Bold commercial repaints also demonstrate bravery and commitment to your business’ brand.


Professional and dignified, mauve has the hint of gray with active warmth that makes your office feel powerful and astute. This powerful color also has energy to it, but with a more mature edge than yellow. Crimson is a great accent color against a brighter backdrop or to match with wooden furniture and flooring. This is a great color choice for modernizing older offices that have antique character.


White is risky because it has the chance to bore your employees, and even your customers. However, if you design your office well, and include contrast colors like navy blue or black, white will look crisp and clean. When your employees come into work in the morning, they’ll feel refreshed and ready to get their job done.

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