Webbing is a catch-all name for a strip or rope of woven fabric that is used in place of rope for various purposes. This webbing is usually made of lightweight, yet durable, fabric like nylon, cotton, polyester Kevlar, or one of a select few of other fabrics. Webbing is typically used in fashion in addition to being used in other areas.


Webbing is used in the manufacturing of belts and suspenders in fashion. These belts may not be the most fashion forward, but usually they are the most durable. t is also used on the straps of sandals and purses. Typically, this is not the most noticeable alteration, but it will work to make the items more durable.


Of course, webbing is used in the seat belts of vehicles in order to keep all passengers safe and secure. Webbing is used in several transportation materials including cargo straps and tie ropes. Webbing is also used in racing automobiles in both the drivers’ harnesses and window nets. Driver harnesses are constructed with the smallest amount of elongation possible so that the driver is not overly jostled in their seat. Window nets are used to protect the driver from any flying debris that they may encounter while on the track. They also help to contain the driver’s limbs if they should get into a collision.


In sports, webbing is most likely to be used in rock climbing or white water rafting. First, webbing is used on backpack straps in order to make them more durable and able to carry heavier loads. In rock climbing, webbing is used on both rocky outcrops and chockstones or carabiners. Flat-tubular webbing is less likely to slip off of a rocky outcrap than a tubular rope is. Similarly, tubular webbing is looped through chockstones and carabiners to secure the climber. It safer for rock climbers to use webbing rather than a tubular rope because of their durability.


Military webbing, or mil spec webbing, is used in several aspects of military equipment including belts and pouches. Webbing is also used in parachutes, as long as they conform to the guidelines of the Parachute Industry Association (PIA). When soldiers are provided a rucksack to carry survival resources for up to a week. These rucksacks are made of webbing, so that, if necessary, the items in the rucksack will be able to survive weather and rough conditions.

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