Having your own place in California may seem like a dream for some, but it does come with a fair share of issues. You have such an unpredictable state when it comes to both weather and economy that you do not know how much charges you will receive for plumbing in San Francisco this year compared to the last. While the utility companies claim that they aim to provide fair treatment, they can potentially also be reckless or highly competitive with other sources that can drastically affect your home or business. You should be aware of what parts of the Golden State can influence them the most.

Natural Disasters

Back in 2018, the state experienced numerous wildfires that burned down hundreds of houses and left thousands of people without a home. Some people blame certain electric utilities for the damages, which could potentially run them out of business if the court finds them liable and forces them to pay back what they owe in damages.

This does have a major impact on how prices can be for some of your utilities. If most of your building survived, the prices could still change depending on how well the utilities function in your building or how much the storm impacts the rest of the area. It can vary whether it’s bad enough to increase the standard pricing for the services, as the company does need additional money to repair the damages it has suffered in the area.


As mentioned earlier, California can have such an unpredictable environment when it comes to utility companies. They prosper because California is such a popular state, but they can also quickly fall apart with how vulnerable the state’s lands are and how easy it is for customers to file a lawsuit. Whether it ends up being a good year or bad year for your company in California, you can’t quite expect the price range to be the same with every bill given how quickly some of these companies grow and die.

You could become even more dependent on plumbing in South San Francisco once you realize how much the water bill is going to change from the previous year. You not only need to pay attention to the disasters that could shape the state’s lands within a week, but also how competitors are reacting or being accused of causing these changes to the everyday lives of thousands of Californians.

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