There can be a number of forces that works against achieving the expected performance for certain new or existing buildings. There can be a number of reasons that are as follows:

  • Complex designs of various building system.
  • Shortage of equipment for proper maintenance and calibration.
  • Change in personnel involved.
  • Changes in utilization of building.

Few typical problems of building performance problems can be:

  • Problem of chiller evaporator coil.
  • Unrealized equipment efficiency.
  • Space humidity problems.

In an ideal case of building design, all the building construction as well as their operation and maintenance, will be performed according to their commissioning systems manual, operation as per the design.

Unfortunately, the actual situation may be too far from ideal world situation and it may never happen too. Most of the existing buildings might have not been commissioned that may create an enormous opportunity of appearing various kinds of problems in building performance.

So, there is no surprise that often we may need to take help of forensic construction consulting companies to do problem solving or finding the right reason.

Problem solving about building performance often is not exactly the same like building commissioning. Building owner’s concerns in problem solving scenario will be focused on certain specific sub-set of either any system or the existing equipment.

In most of the cases, the concerned parties must have attempted unsuccessfully to fix the issue, and as a result must have made many undocumented changes in the systems.

All these changes and also keeping narrow focus on only the problem symptoms can always create certain new problems or possibly increase the complexity even further to increase the existing problem.

Despite having added uncertainty and complexity, problem solving of building performance can be really a very interesting as well as rewarding service because it can help clients to move past obstacles which have kept them to achieve their building’s performance potential for many years.

In fact, problem solving of building performance is much like the building commissioning. There are plenty of extensive technical analysis, systematic thinking for achieving performance potential of a building.

Though problem solving of building performance is little narrower in focus, but various commissioning process will serve useful guide to identify the design intent, assess the design capabilities and verify and test an installed system of building.

Only maintenance of certain individual equipment is just not enough to maintain the long-term performance to interact building systems.

Certainly, building commissioning which was not too rigorous will also allow many design or construction issues to arise and also persist. In case, you want your building to perform well then you must look for certain quality commissioning service providers.

The quality assurance is the essence of commissioning and hence compromising on quality during quality assurance process can be counter-productive.

Over a period of time, building performance problems can arise but benefit of mitigating all those problems in short term can be avoiding cost of poor performance like:

  • Occupant discomfort.
  • Wasted energy.
  • Important impacts on the productivity of occupant/worker.

In all un-commissioned or inadequately commissioned buildings, all these problems will continue to persist for several years due to ad-hoc troubleshooting.

Nowadays, building commissioning and re-commissioning are becoming quite common, yet problem solving about building performance always remains the important service for maintenance team.

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