Even though the main reason for visiting a family lawyer is divorce, it is not the only reason as to why these professionals exist. There is a broad range of services that these professionals can help you with. A Provo Family Law Attorney specializes in several areas of legal practice that deals in all elements of legal matters and domestic relations. Here are some of the ways you stand to benefit from these professionals.


The process of adoption is completely complex and very few of them will be finalized without the assistance of a family law lawyer. The challenge with adoption laws is that they differ from one state to the other. Therefore, before you pursue a legal adoption as a couple, you have to familiarize yourself with the complex state laws. A highly experienced adoption lawyer will help you to expedite and explain the whole process by filing the right legal documentations with the court.


The state is the primary regulator or marriage and hence the rules that regard divorce and separation. Spousal support or alimony may be provided for any party that is involved in the divorce. If the parties can’t come to a reasonable and fair agreement of the level of support, the court will make a decision on their behalf. However, you need to file an alimony request before you get to the state. If one of the spouses seems to be uncooperative, the lawyer will complete and then submit the required documents with the court of law.

Child Custody

When a couple that has kids separate, the question of custody comes at the centre of the stage. In most cases, the issue is contentious, and emotional and hence you will need legal experts to help you take care of the best interests of your kids.

Domestic Violence

This is referred to as a restraining order which entails an order to protection being offers to restrict someone’s behaviour by the court of law who has threatened or harmed another person. The person may be a domestic partner or former spouse who either leaves somewhere or at the same address. This order serves like a string legal deterrent to any person who has either threatened to harm or abused a family member.


Mediation is a more affordable and faster alternative to litigation. There is no need to go through the lengthy court proceedings when the two parties can agree outside the court. You could be discussing the terms of divorce or any other domestic issues. The family lawyer will recommend the possible solutions that will help move the process smoothly. Mediation is less contentious because we don’t have a winner or loser. The spouses can talk their issues out and agree on several solutions that would have taken the court several months to solve.

Prenuptial Agreements

According to statistics, close to 50% of all the marriages fail. A conventional prenuptial agreement won’t leave one party rolling in riches and the other one penniless. The intention is to help both of then save money, time, and emotion if the marriage ends in a divorce. Even though a Provo Family Law Attorney offers a broad range of services, these experts mainly focus on the aforementioned legal areas.

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