Diablo Saw Blades for Clean and Accurate Finish Cuts

Diablo saw blades are used for construction and remodeling projects because they can cut through any material. They come in various types depending on the kind of material you want to cut.

Saws as Cutting Tools

Saws are defined as handheld or table-mounted tools having a toothed blade for cutting various types of materials. They are used as early as the Early Dynastic Period in Ancient Egypt for constructing different structures like tombs, houses, and more. Saw designs are continually evolving to serve different purposes. There are various types of saws – hand, back, and mechanically powered saws. Mechanically powered saws include continuous band, reciprocating and circular saws. Circular saws fall under the category along with electric miter, radial arm, rotary, pendulum, concrete, abrasive, and portable table saws. They are typically used in the industry for cutting beams and logs.

Circular Saw Blades

To make cuts that are smooth, clean and accurate, the blades of the circular saw must have enough power provided by the motor. Enough power can only be contained when the blades are sufficiently long-lasting and sharp to be used for all types of materials. There are various brands present in the market for circular saw blades – Freud, Black & Decker, Bosch, DeWALT, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Porter-Cable, Ridgid, Ryobi, Skil and Worx. These blade brands are customer favorites in terms of ease of cutting materials and durability of blades. Among these brands, Freud never fails to provide satisfaction to its customers when it comes to innovative and modern cutting tool technology.

Various Types of Freud Diablo Saw Blades

The Freud Company has developed many types of circular saw blades over the years using the recent advancements in science and technology. Freud-saw-blades come in various types – diablo, crosscut, ripping, general-purpose, combination, laminate, specialty, and dado-saw-blades. Diablo-blades are especially created to produce fast, large, and clean cuts for construction and remodeling projects. There are different Diablo blade types depending on its applications – beam, combination, finish, framing, non-ferrous or plastic, ripping, trim, fine finish, general purpose, steel demon ferrous metal, and ultra finish saw blades. Diablo-blades can cut steel, pine, oak, plywood, melamine, copper, aluminum, brass, plastics, and more – a range wide enough to make the circular saw versatile.

Why Use Freud Diablo Saw Blades?

They are made up of carbide and titanium oxide, which makes the tensile strength of material high enough for it not to wear even after used so many times. The small carbide molecules also allow for better diffusion of shock throughout the material, avoiding it to break or crack after application of certain amount of force.  Because the blade has high tensile strength and impact resistance, the teeth remain sharp even after a long period of time. Primarily because Diablo-blades are very durable, versatile and sharp, they are the top choice of carpenters.

Circular saws are widely used in the industry to provide finish cuts in all types of materials. For the circular saws to work in their best performance, they must contain best saw blades like Diablo Blades.

Reciprocating Saw Blades for Clean and Smooth Insertion of Holes

Reciprocating saw blades are powerful and versatile tool spare parts used in cutting materials. It is present in various brands, which were developed over the years for more effective cutting.

Reciprocating Saw Blade

A reciprocating saw is a portable power saw with a reciprocating blade. There are various types of reciprocating saw – Jigsaw, Scroll, Sabre and Rotary Reciprocating saw. They basically work by producing a push and pull motion which enables them to cut any material – metal, composite or plastic. A reciprocating saw is not typically used for producing curved cuts like a regular saw. It is best used for inserting holes in windows, walls and doors due to the limited size and width of its blade. The first ever created reciprocating saw is Milwaukee’s Sawzall, produced in 1950’s. Up until now, the Milwaukee Company is trusted in manufacturing state-of-the-art reciprocating saws.

How to Use a Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is typically made up of a body containing a motor and a blade, and a handle containing a trigger. The motor provides power and oscillating motion to the blade, and the trigger controls the speed of the blade. To obtain maximum speed, press the trigger hardly. To decrease the speed, squeeze the trigger more lightly. For consistent cutting, make sure that the blade has achieved the maximum speed first before advancing it across the material. Make sure that you have cut the material surface fully first before advancing deeper for easier cutting and more even hole size.

Types of Reciprocating Saw Blades

The blade of the reciprocating saw can be changed depending on the material that you have to cut, the texture of the cut you want to make, and your cutting skills. For woodworking, the wood blade used typically consists of six to ten teeth per inch.

However, for cutting metals and plastics, the combination blade used has twenty teeth per inch. Due to the differences in number of teeth, the blade used for woodworking cannot be used for cutting metals, plastics, and other materials. Blades can also be classified to fine blade and coarse blade. For clean and smooth cuts, fine blades are used. For demolition purposes, coarse blades are usually utilized. Lastly, blades are grouped according to size – short blade and long blade. The short blade is approximately six inches in length while the long blade is about twelve inches long. Long blades are used for making deeper and larger cuts. They are not recommended for beginners because they are difficult to handle and one’s safety may be in jeopardy.

Available Brands of Reciprocating Saw Blades

Since reciprocating saws are necessary equipment for construction and demolition projects, they are now widely available in the market. They come in various brands – DeWALT, Milwaukee, Pruning, Jobmate, Mastercraft, Lenox, Bosch, and others. These blades can be purchased in online stores like Amazon and The Home Depot. For features, price, shipping and reviews – visit here.

For cutting holes in various materials, reciprocating saw is used. Because of the oscillating motion of its blade, it is able to cut through any type of material effectively. For any type of project, whether construction or demolition, you need to utilize durable and sharp reciprocating saw blades.